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VALOR-HCM Primary Composite Endpoint

For SRT-eligible patients with NYHA class II–III obstructive HCM,

CAMZYOS® Demonstrated Significant Benefit vs Placebo in a Second Phase 3 Clinical Trial1

18% (n=10/56) of patients taking CAMZYOS and 77% (n=43/56) taking placebo met the primary composite endpoint (remained guideline-eligible for SRT at Week 16 or chose to undergo SRT at or before Week 16). Two patients in each group decided to proceed with SRT.1

Treatment difference (95% CI):
59% (44, 74);


Patients no longer guideline eligible and did not choose to undergo SRT at Week 161,2

Percentage of Patients who were Guideline-eligible for SRT and did not Undergo SRT Chart Percentage of Patients who were Guideline-eligible for SRT and did not Undergo SRT Chart

At baseline, 95% of patients were on background therapy (BB, CCB, or disopyramide either as monotherapy or in combination).2

  • *The primary composite endpoint is based on the investigator’s guideline-based recommendation for SRT. Patients who undergo SRT, terminate early, die, or cannot otherwise be assessed for SRT eligibility at the end of the 16-week, placebo-controlled treatment period will also be classified as meeting the primary composite endpoint.3

BB=beta blocker; CCB=calcium channel blocker; CI=confidence interval; HCM=hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; NYHA=New York Heart Association; SRT=septal reduction therapy.

The efficacy of CAMZYOS was evaluated in VALOR-HCM, a phase 3, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial in 112 adult patients with severely symptomatic drug-refractory obstructive HCM, and NYHA class III–IV or class II with exertional syncope or near syncope. Patients were randomized in a 1:1 ratio to receive a starting dose of 5 mg of CAMZYOS (n=56) or placebo (n=56) once daily for 16 weeks. Dosage was monitored and adjusted at Weeks 8 and 12 to optimize patient response (decrease in LVOT gradient with Valsalva) and maintain LVEF ≥50%.1,2

Select Important Safety Information

Based on the safety profile from the pivotal EXPLORER-HCM trial, there were no new adverse reactions identified in VALOR-HCM. See EXPLORER-HCM safety.

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